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Building a new website from scratch, re-developing an existing one, or integrating new online platforms can be one of the most daunting tasks – and one of the most costly – for many organisations. But, that’s only if they don’t apply the 3 Ts of web project management: team work, targets and transparency.

Team Work

Few organisational projects affect the number of employees and stakeholders as a change to your web presence. So team work is critical. You need to establish a team of key players and get them to agree on shared goals. You need a team leader who knows technology, but also knows project management and has excellent communications skills.

The key members of the team must include senior management, ITC, marketing, customer services, and finance representatives. It is important that all members are promoting the development across the organisation and getting ideas from their staff on what could be incorporated into your new site.

The team may not always agree on how things should be done on a micro-level, but they must agree on the key targets of the project.


Set clear, realistic and agreed upon targets. Include budget limitations, as this can be the main factor that undermines the project. Communicate to all key players and make it clear you won’t accept overspends. Set tight but realistic timelines, andallow for delays (any project can have them).  Make sure resources (human, financial, time) match the goals. Set at least three key dates for evaluation of targets against project development. Web development is a fluid process, stick to your goals and don’t be distracted by new developments in technology. You will be going through the same process in a couple of year’s time.


It is easy to find stories about web project disasters. Running behind schedule, over budget and missing key targets are common complaints. A strong project plan, with buy in from all key parties, will be your best insurance against delays and disasters. Put in place a plan for problem solving – you’d be naive to think there won’t be any. Involve a neutral negotiator if you need to. Keeping the team together and the project on target are the cornerstones of success – but transparency on all levels is the cross beam which will give the project the strenght it needs to succeed.

Of all the projects an organisation can go through, this is one where a consultant, with web development experience, may be a wise investment. It’s not a skill that is a given in employees. And, it is important to have that mix of technical, teamwork and troubleshooting expertise on your side.

Go in with a strong project foundation, build your new online presence, and once you celebrate your successful launch, get ready to look at it again – soon.

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