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Many of today’s newly unemployed are choosing to start-up their own businesses. Their biggest fear isn’t failure, it’s working at home alone. After just leaving university, or being made redundant from a job, they are now faced with being at home – alone. But, there is no need to be afraid or alone; there are many ways to have a virtual office environment. Here are three great ones.

Jelly – This brilliant idea is happening on a semi-weekly basis in a space near you. Jelly promotes casual working events. So a Jelly host sets up a place and time – could even be their home – and entrepreneurs get together to work for the day. Ideas are shared. It’s all casual, fun and motivating. Watch their video. Follow them on Twitter.

Enterprise Nation – This fantastic, free service for helping home business owners, is led by Emma Jones, author of Working 5 – 9. My favourite service is their Twitter (@e_nation) #watercoolermoment. It happens daily at 11 am and people tweet together, usually about a specific topic. It’s a nice virtual, online coffee break. And, if you really want to go virtual, try their Friday video watercooler live chat! Brilliant.

If face-to-face is important, ask people to Skype with you. It saves on time, travel and gives you a great connected feeling.  And, it’s free.

With video becoming the next best way of promoting yourself online, using these three options will help you boost your confidence and stay connected to real people whilst you work away in your home office! See you online.

Enterprise Nation‘s Emma Jones ( hosted and led the four presentations at Furness Enterprise’s 21st Century Communications Master Class workshop today. She talked about the progression from content to community building to commercial relationships. Today’s marketing is all about moving across to peers to get work, not hierarchical like in the past.

Kate Harrison Whiteside

Kate at 21st Century Communications Event

Steve Emecz, head of Business Development at Powa, a commercial web solution for SMEs, set up a commercial site in less than 10 minutes in front of the 60 attendees. He pointed out the importance of a good site search facility, as the majority of visitors come searching for information – like your contact details. Still amazes how many people don’t put names and numbers of staff in their Contact Us section.

Our Social Times‘ Luke Brynley-Jones, a social media consultant, pointed out traditional marketing is no longer ‘working’. New media works because it simply takes word of mouth and trust to the next level – viral. The power lies in people self-selecting. Power to the people.

The North West Evening Mail publishing director Jonathan Lee used videos, produced by the newsroom’s new age journalists,  to prove his point: that it is vitally important that culturally (multimedia) is embedded in the organisation and supported from top to bottom. Describing the business as being at the hub of the community, he illustrated how comments, forums, Twitter, web chats and Facebook mean news is driven by the community not just the company. News conference’s now  begin with a check of all e-media activities first – then what is going in print. They’ve come a long way from the days of black and white printing.

All presenters agreed the key to new media is to use all formats together – print, video, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and any others that work for your business. Social media is here to stay – and all recommended getting into it – before it changes again. And, when it changes again, get on that platform as well. It is the future. But, despite it being new media, the same old marketing principles apply. It is still about connecting with people –  only the medium has changed.

Surfing the Internet has surpassed TV in the ‘how much time spent’ race. What is it about the Internet that has proven so attractive as to push TV off its pedestal?

According to’s Ipsos poll, sixty-eight (68%)  per cent of adults with access to the Internet spend more time online than they spend watching television. The survey questioned 24,000 adults in 23 countries, giving it a broad base for its results.

Why is this? Accessibility. Eastern countries rated the highest – and mobile technology will play a huge role in this. Some western countries with easy access to broadband recorded more TV watching than surfing. But, it is significant that countries with great market potential and income growth are hungry for information.

The mobile market is the future. And visuals (video) will become the most sought after format. Internet TV channels are growing faster than weeds in Cumbria – LakesTV, Cumbria Live TV and soon Film4U North. Businesses need to get on the visual band wagon, toot their own horn with video on their websites and think mobile phone (app).

We are into the next phase – and the creative opportunities will be like nothing we have seen before. Marketing departments are already looking at their budgets juggling print and online; don’t forget the video column. It will all add up to successful marketing.

Campaigning is advertising.  And advertising is a key part of public relations.It’s all about customer service – and when it goes wrong, it goes very, very wrong. So how do you make it right?

As we saw with Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s awful mic-is-still-on mistake yesterday, which resulted in him insulting a loyal client by calling her a ‘bigot’, silence is golden. The old adage ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’ rings true. But, there are golden PR rules, as Social Small Business points out, that we should all try to measure up to.

These are Social Small Business’s four key questions to test your advertising for customer service PR:

They ask:” Does it:

“Peak the interest of the right customers?

Reflect the organization’s values/mission?

Prompt wanted action?

Reassure existing customers?”

They go on to discuss issues like relationship building. It is obvious this one little word, in this over-heard by the world comment by Mr Brown, has had a huge effect on the client, him, his organisation and it’s future. It’s a big price to pay, but PR errors are costly. It’s what makes organisation’s accountable to their clients.

Try this test on your advertising. It’s a very good measuring tool. And don’t forget – turn your mic off or act as if it is always on. That’s a win-win combo.

From Twitter:

@PaulEastonAssoc Who was Browns PR yesterday? ‘Mic Off’ is a golden rule as soon as they come off-camera. Ask Ron Atkinson. #Brown #Bigot

According to AV Interactive , and many media reports, the need to continue doing business during the volcanic ash air travel crisis ‘erupted’ in a boom of 100% growth for some video conferencing vendors! There’s a message there.

In need of an expert blogger for my Web Design evening class in the UK, I will be bringing in blogger Craig McGinty, of fame, to inspire the class about blogging. Craig will share insights, from his location in France,  into how to do it, best practices and tips for making a living blogging. We’ll be using Skype.

Video links are green, offer inexpensive alternatives to face-to-face meetings and great flexibility. The growth in webinars – both for learning, sharing information and marketing are proof positive this medium is a great – but under-used resource.

With programs like Jing offering desktop, fingertip options for adding visuals to online conversations or presentations (thanks for that tip Kay Hebbourn), there is no excuse not to follow the video conferencing crowd!

Think of what you can save and earn!