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Skype, FaceTime – What is next?

Posted on: 18/04/2011

Having relocated from the UK to Canada I find I am using Skype and FaceTime about 3 times as much as my landline for personal calls. But, what are businesses using? And, why aren’t they using visual conference calling more? This branch of the social media tree is powerful, persuasive and cost saving – with many of the options free.

Mashable profiles all four, recognizing as a starting point.

Then they analyze Rondee, Wiggio, GroupMe and Google Voice. They all have outstanding characteristics: Rondee, easy meeting coordination; Wiggio, other group management services; GroupMe; the quintessential mobile group meeting App; and Google Vocie, people simply call your contact number at the same time and you approve.

This technology has come a long way, and it is quite surprising that many people – who also complain about the travel time and expense – are still driving, flying, riding to meetings that could be just as effective in a virtual environment. And, reduce the carbon footprint and costs substantially.


2 Responses to "Skype, FaceTime – What is next?"

I don’t think corporations use it that much for the same reason that I don’t use it. It isn’t reliable enough yet, ecspecially in the country where I live the internet isn’t as fast as other countries and because of that it always lags or drops out.

Without the pictures, but reportedly a good service:

Free Conference Call With Free Recording Only normal domestic long distance rates are charged by the participant’s long distance carriers for the length of the call. Teleconferences can have up to 96 participants for 6 hour period of time per session.
Each FreeConferenceCall account remains safe and secure and is never shared or sold. Our free conference call service provides you a great opportunity to connect to many people on a conference call. Loaded with great features, our phone conferencing service has revolutionized the way in which national and international teleconferences are organized.

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