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As social media enters a new age becoming more mainstream, Twitter is now swimming with the current and providing users with the much-needed analytics they have wanted. Other social media platforms, Facebook for one, have realised the importance of facts about usage to companies and organisations investing in social media marketing. But, what are people ‘twittering’ about this new move.

Social Small Biz refer to it as ‘Twitter (finally) rolls out analytics‘, hinting that they have come to the analysing table late. However, they do pat them on the back for serving up access to archived stats going back thirty-one days – a big improvement, and an obvious response to users’ appetite for detail. reports that although a number of third-party sites have been filling this void, some at a charge, Twitter will provide their analytics services for free.

Information Week’s technology news section reports on the key partnerships Twitter has made recently to enable it to provide its clients with the tools to listen to their clients – and therefore completing the information gathering and reporting circle.

Although still in the testing stage, Twitter is listening to its clients, and leading by example. Let’s hope this over due service is over the top and wows the millions who have committed to Twitter.

Today is World Usability Day and this year’s theme is communication. In the spirit of that, let’s all think, talk, write, blog, tweet, post in Plain Language.

Using clear communications is a key component of communications strategy. It can help your business stand out from – above – the rest. Plain Language is proven to help reduce situations – repeated errors, questions or production – that can be costly. Plain Language in Plain English, part of the Wizardry Series, gives examples of this.

Organisations are celebration WUD all over the world with events – virtual and live. User Vision, whose website holds this quote:

‘The cost of a complete site overhaul is roughly thirty times that of incorporating usability testing early on.’ Forrester Research Group, Why most web sites fail, 2006.

, are holding a session on usability in modern-day communications.

In Oslo, Norway, The Norwegian Design Council is hosting an online event exploring usability in web design showing the film Innovation for All.

There’s something for everyone – all around the globe from New York to  South Africa to Tokyo. What will you be doing? Post your feedback, link or ideas in Comment.


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