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So you have a Facebook site and page. You have sent out some invites to events. A couple of groups are slowly taking shape. How do you report are your developments. First, you need your Facebook strategy integrated into your marketing and communications strategy. Then, you can start tracking your activities.

Facebook Weekly Report Statistics

Your Facebook Weekly Report can be the pillar of your reporting spreadsheet. It gives your key categories to track growth and activity from: Active Users, Likes (previously Fans – which I preferred), wall posts and comments, visits. The bonus to these figures is that they are measured in a consistent way, from a consistent source giving you consistent numbers for measurement and reporting. These are the bedrock of your statistics.

Facebook Invites and Activities

You set up your Facebook site or page to engange. So, let’s also keep track of the number of Groups, members, interactivity. This is also true for Discussions – topics, postings, users. How many events did you post? Invites did you send out? Comments or feedback received? These activites are just as important as the hard numbers – think about how many people you are involving – and how much easier and quicker this is than sending a print document.

Human Responses

Not all Facebook return on investment will occur right on the site. Use a tool like How Sociable to track your social media ratings. It’s free and gives you a bird’s eye view of all social interactivity. Track human feedback – comments at the watercooler, emails about your FB activities, public reaction at your meetings, feedback from other FB page managers, your team.  All these will help take the pulse of your initiative and help with the planning at the next stage.

A little knowledge of your Facebook trends will provide a lot of power for promoting (next topic) and reporting to management on the value of this e-marketing initiative. And, help you hit targets.

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