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 If you are investing time in the social media platforms you have integrated into your marketing strategy, you may be short on time to keep up on social media trends. Here are 3 ways to keep up.

Social Media All Top

This is like a social media ‘Google Reader’. All Top’s home page is panels of headlines from the top social media platforms – all in one location. Mashable, Techcrunch, ReadWriteWeb and others are all there for an easy read. Pick what’s of interest, and enjoy this one-stop shop.

Mashable’s First to Know Series

 Mashable is just too good to be true. With columns like First to Know Series, you can easily and quickly become not only informed – but educated too. It’s not just the news, but their analysis of social media and web developments that can help you make intelligent decisions about social media strategies.

Social Media Today

Social media is a fast moving stream. If you want to floating along and not paddling against the current, Social Media Today can help. It tends to touch the surface of key new directions in the field. But, this leaves you free to search their site or the Web for deeper details.

Information management has gone to the next level. Have you?

Google Instant is the next development in intuitive search – saving time and completing your search results before you finish keying in your search string. But is faster always better? Let’s see what people are saying.

Google’s View

The search engine promotes Google Instant benefits as being fast, saving 2-5 seconds per search, prediction support, it guesses what you are looking for offering options for the undecided, and instant results.  However, if you go to the Advertisers FAQ you will see this quick answer may raise some questions amongst advertisers who can win or lose on the system.

eConsultancy Round-up

eConsultancy searched around the minds of SEO consultants and web developers to get their verdict. It ranged from recommending a look at Bing to concern over PPC.

Instant and Desktop Together

Tony Bradley at thinks Google should go to the next level and combine Instant and Desktop to give users a total search experience.

Blogger Wonders about death of SEO

Blogger Adam Tinworth wrote a piece Google Goes Instant. Death of SEO predicted (again). He may be a sceptic, but there are threads of truth in his article.

If you use PPC, it is worth doing some investigative work, tracking changes and making up your own mind.

Geo-tagging is nothing new – with Facebook Places the current talk of the town. But, the Hotlist geo app brings all the key social media services together at one table, serving up a tasty treat for users.  It’s about integrating, morphing and mashing everything that’s social about a location – and feeding our appetite for geo data.

Mashable’s  Jolie Odell takes a  bite big picture – giving you a review of what Hotlist looks like to the user – just in case you haven’t activated it. It’s mobile use – all these things are geared for the urban traveller – is the icing on the cake. You can find out what’s happening, who’s there, ration of male to female participants, follow Twitter chat, post to Facebook.

So far it’s only available for iPhone.  Blackberry and others will just have to wait – but not long.

Social media sites and services are growing in popularity and use. They have become a key component of any marketing strategy. But, are they the be-all, end all? Of course not. So what approach should we take?

Many organisations are looking for a quick, cheap fix to their marketing challenges as we go through challenging economic times. But, it is not wise – nor has it ever been – to put all your eggs in one basket. Social media may be the shining example – but it’s strength is best recognised when it is integrated into your ‘traditional’ marketing mix.

Some businesses – particularly new, youth target market ones – may get away initially with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter marketing as their mainstay. But if you are selling, you will eventually need the support of other forms of promotions to expand.

And, the wise marketing manager knows nothing comes free. Yes, social media platforms are free – but you still a human to manage them. And, we too quickly can forget it’s all about people – not technology.

Econsultancy blogger Matt Owen takes a good look at ‘Why social media needs to learn the marketing basics’

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