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E-marketing tips for new bloggers

Posted on: 24/05/2010

E-marketing is something you are probably doing already. It involves using a variety of e-media to let people know about your website or blog. But, rather than doing e-marketing randomly, why not create a plan and be in control?

Start with the ABC’s – assess your site goals, build databases of people to promote to, communicate your news. Consider all the different tools you can use to marketing your website, services and products.

Enewsletter – great for branding, providing easy links, keeping clients up-to-date, helps you promote to targeted audience.

E newsrelease – create a multi-media, social-media release with links and visuals to make it stand out from the crowd.

Social media – Twitter, Facebook and Delicious are excellent ways to help you actively communicate with clients, promote yourself, and get great search results.

Email signatures – This is one of the most useful, most basic – and most forgotten – e-marketing tools! Put all your key links in your signature for all emails, including replies.

Offline – Don’t forget print promotions. Are your website links on your business card, letterhead, invoices, posters, signage? Every little bit counts!

For a great article on the Top 10 eMarketing Tips see eBusiness Connection’s list.


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great post, good information, this article is helping me so much, thx for sharing

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