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Elect to spring clean your websites

Posted on: 07/05/2010

It’s spring, and with it comes cleaning – on many levels. There are a lot of things to distract us – the election, the economy, the garden. Now is a great time to spring clean your web presence. Maybe your website needs a new look. Or, perhaps your blog content and images need dusting off. Do you need a fresh approach to your social media posts? Here is a check list to help you make a focussed start.

How can I improve my website design?

All websites need to have a new look now and again. Check out top websites you like, and note what they are doing. Is it graphics? Is it a lighter look? Or have they added some new features? Make your wish list, and put some resources behind it. After all, you probably regularly update the look of printed material, why not your web products as well. It will make people stop and look.

What  can I do to refresh my content?

Who looks after updating content and images on your websites? Do they need help? Would a new eye give them some fresh ideas. What about a brainstorming session? Users want current content to read, new images to look at and a sense that the site is alive. Develop up-to-date news, advice and links for them. Consider a guest author, helpful links, some testimonials. Take the time to find out specifically what your website visitors want to see on your site. Then deliver the goods. You’ll be appreciated.

Do I have enough interactive options?

Today’s web users are much more sophisticated and have an increased appetite for interactivity. Facebook, Twitter, forums and blogs have provided an online buffet of options for sharing ideas, information and opinions. We need to keep feeding online clients to ensure they keep coming back. Bring Twitter or Facebook feeds into your site. Run a poll (perhaps wait a week or two, people may be polled-out after the election). Check all comments about your services and products and respond promptly. Visitors will appreciate that you took the time to ask.

Invest some time and resources into your online presence – and reap the rewards. Look at how you can integrate e-marketing into your main strategy. Identify new ways to keep your online presence current, refreshed and full of the features your clients want.  A bit of accessorising can re-energise your online presence and have everyone feeling better about what they are seeing – and talking about you in a positive way.


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