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Foursquare creates huge appetite for location-based apps

Posted on: 03/05/2010

Foursquare, the location-based mobile app, isn’t new, but it just keeps making news. It seems that location, location, location is the latest social media service we have an ever-growing appetite for. But, can it keep us satisfied?

This GPS based application for mobiles isn’t just about finding places or people. It’s about recommending, providing tips and being helpful. And, as it links to your email, Twitter and Facebook, you can find out where friends are going and let them know where you are. Watch the Foursquare introductory video to see if it’s for you.  If you aren’t already, you could easily become part of the feeding frenzy that surrounds it.

Foursquare has knocked several like applications off the menu. Perhaps it’s the competitive gamespersonship aspect that makes it  more to people’s tastes. Afterall, where else can you be crowned Mayor, without having to don the finery!

It is definitely an urban app – as it relies on GPS and cellular services,and can be limited in some rural areas. But whether you live in or are visiting a city, it can prove a quick remedy if you are hungry for knowledge about current happenings, places to visit, and eateries.

Location-based social tech is also proving  popular with the media, who are swimming around it like sharks circling a school of fish. They aren’t the only businesses looking for oppotunities here. E-consultancy examines if this is a natural phenomenon or a simply the tech trend of the moment.

Foursquare is like an optional ingredient to a recipe. You might as well try it and see if the final result is the creation of a gourmet recipe of technological fusion of simply not to your taste.

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