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Volcano sends video conferencing use sky high

Posted on: 26/04/2010

According to AV Interactive , and many media reports, the need to continue doing business during the volcanic ash air travel crisis ‘erupted’ in a boom of 100% growth for some video conferencing vendors! There’s a message there.

In need of an expert blogger for my Web Design evening class in the UK, I will be bringing in blogger Craig McGinty, of fame, to inspire the class about blogging. Craig will share insights, from his location in France,  into how to do it, best practices and tips for making a living blogging. We’ll be using Skype.

Video links are green, offer inexpensive alternatives to face-to-face meetings and great flexibility. The growth in webinars – both for learning, sharing information and marketing are proof positive this medium is a great – but under-used resource.

With programs like Jing offering desktop, fingertip options for adding visuals to online conversations or presentations (thanks for that tip Kay Hebbourn), there is no excuse not to follow the video conferencing crowd!

Think of what you can save and earn!

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