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Three tech trends from The Gadget Show Live

Posted on: 13/04/2010

The second annual, sold out,   Gadget Show Live at Birmingham’s NEC firmly put three tech trends on top, and they are all about tech appeal.

World's smallest mobile phone

sWaP stand shows off world's smallest mobile phone prototype.

Once inside, you were immediately greeted by a huge 3D TV stand and glasses were thrust at you to test it out, giving you a taste of the number one home tech trend . It seems whether we want it not, we’re going to get it. All the big names were there with their 3D TV wares, competing to assault our senses with small glasses which deliver a big effect. So think carefully before purchasing a new TV, 3D home sets are closer than they appear.

The second top trend was for broadband- based entertainment services. The Future Home Technology Trends presenter spoke of TV and Internet ‘crumbling’ and broadband providing all our entertainment and information needs via TV sets.  Minority Report style interactive screens for coffee table access to your email, photos, the Internet, is no longer the stuff of Hollywood magicians. Goodbye to cables and multiple sets and PCs. One stop tech entertainment shops are in vogue.

The third trend is for  tech miniturisation. Whole house integration options for controlling lights, heating, energy and security on one small unit are soon to be a mass market items. Smaller, flatter TVs and e-readers, the world’s smallest mobile phone sitting in the palm of your hand, interactive pens that read, record, write, report and interact with a book or screen were all on display – and some are available now.

So forget the Festo radio controlled,intuitive,  larger-than-life flying penguins overhead, the life-size robots roaming the halls, and big clunky, cable crazed technology waiting for you at home – small, simple and sensory-serving technology is taking over.

And, next year at the show, your current TV could be relegated to the Gadget Hall of Fame.


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