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The Gadget Show Live: Tech show and tell

Posted on: 09/04/2010

This week TV’s popular The Gadget Show goes live and invades Birmingham’s NEC, promising to be the Glastonbury of tech shows. Due to popular demand The Gadget Show Live had to add an extra day to accommodate its expected 50,000 visitors. Promising a Game Zone for everyone from the just interested to want to be an international competitor, the Show will assault one’s tech senses.

With the proliferation of digital cameras, the bigger Photographic Masterclass Theatre workshops will no doubt be elbow to elbow. And the Future Home Theatre zone will be able to advise you if Skype on your TV, 3D and a digital projector are the way to go. But, 3D will no doubt be trying to steal the show.

If you are sentimental about technology, a visit to the Gadget Hall of Fame, with sixty years of our favourite technology on display,  will be on your to do list. Remember your first mobile phone? How big, clunky and limited was it? But, don’t get lost in the past, the Future Tech Zone is robot heaven.

And of course, you can see the team, Suzi, Jon, Jason and Ortis perform a live version of their TV show. So from the couch to the live theatre!

The exhibitors list includes everyone from APR Media, to Cancer Research UK, to Disney Interactive Studios. There’s Funky Fishtanks, Live Luggage and Talking Pen. The sat nav companies will be there in force, and one might be needed just to get around the event.

The show is sold out, so if you didn’t get a ticket, sign up to their Twitter or Facebook, and search the blogs to find out what’s happening.


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