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Tips for running a successful Tweetup

Posted on: 10/02/2010

Last night I attended Cumbria’s most successful Tweetup to date – and my first. Around 25 people – Twitter novices to experts – were there to meet and share. Afterall, Twitter is all about getting people together. There were three ingredients organiser @KayHebbourn mixed together to produce this fantastic result. To start with, she put people at the heart of it.

1. Location, Location: When we first discussed the event, ideas for the venue were analysed at length. Kay chose The Mill at Ulverston, Twitter event friendly and with the perfect meeting room. They also provided a prize for the draw.  Kay also put charity fundraising on the agenda. Which leads me on to tip two.

2. Compeition and Charity Combination – Run a prize draw and raise funds for a charity. It encourages sponsorship (people already wanting to provide prizes for next Tweetup). It adds excitement and gives energy to the evening. The other prize was a bottle of organic wine provided by @Thegamechanger Archie Workman.

Kay also chose @CancerCareLocal as the charity and a specific fundraiser – who was there in person! This gave everyone a chance to support a worthy cause and get up close and personal to something that all too often is done in the background. As many of the Tweetup attendees were small business owners, this gave us a ‘group’ fundraising feeling.

3. Promote, promote, promote: Cumbria’s top media Tweetup supporter CN’s @nickincumbria Nick Turner was there, made a nice speech and is now writing it up for the NW Evening Mail. Kay used a variety of online platforms, most notably TwTvite, a top tool for getting your Tweetup organised, publicised and found. With the help of attendees tweeting about it, a Google search returned 114 links!

But, that’s not all, the post event Twit chat was also extremely strong.

Check out @mashable’s How To Organise a Successful Tweetup or simply put the string in a search engine. But, having been a supporter, an attendee, and seeing the results (connections, idea sharing, tips) I can’t wait for the next one. It was such a bonus to meet the people I Tweet with face-to-face and get new faces to follow.

Thanks @kayhebbourn.


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