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5 Plain Language website design assessment tips

Posted on: 04/02/2010

In Plain Language Websites, co-authored with Cheryl Stephens, we included a list of tips for assessing your website design against basic usability guidelines. In all the excitement of setting up a new website, or becoming so familiar with your existing one, it is easy to overlook basic design aspects that can hamper usability. So here is a quick checklist to help you carry out a design health check on your website.

From Plain Language Websites:

1. All non-text items – graphics, images, symbols – have a text equivalent inserted using the alternate text feature.

2. Content that is in colour is also visible if the user turns off the colour feature.

3. All links are functioning as expected.

4. Site is easily accessible from all pages.

5. Row and column headings used on forms and tables are visible.

These are just 5 of the 9 tips listed (page 56) in the book, now available via Amazon or

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