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Tweeters recommend virtual team communications options

Posted on: 11/12/2009

When working virtually (as a consultant) and being part of team made up of other part-time consultants, communications can be real challenge. Tasked with finding a solution for one-such team I am on, I posted a Tweet asking for help. The replies were as varied as the options.

@criagmcginty advised checking Check what 37Signals has and Zoho

You should absolutely check out Basecamp, which I’d heard of but not participated in,, was  @philpowell ‘s recommendation. It looks quite thorough and built to spec.

For virtual teams, @fit_to_print and colleague  edit each other’s files via Dropbox.

Google Wave was recommended by @Swindon, who sounded envious adding ‘if you are fortunate to have it’.

Aside from private blog pages or IM, I will continue researching.

Have you used something that really works? Any ideas or testimonials welcome.

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