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Five top social media philosophies

Posted on: 13/11/2009

After several months of absorbing a high volume of excellent information on social media, I found there were a few pearls of wisdom that continued to shine through. Thought I would share them – in no particular order (sorry to sound like an X Factor host).

1. Not having a social media presence is like not answering your phone when it rings. Karl Havard, Somatica, who has 11 links on the back of his business card, is a big link supporter. Karl advocates listening to build consumer trust – and social media offers an abundance of opportunities to do this.

2. Repeating a line from the culture secretary that the old media world had ended, Francois Nel, director of Journalism Leaders Programme, UCLAN, reported at the last Digital Editors Network event  that there is not the same level of innovation in business as there is in technology. Old way was Web 1.0; new way is Web2.0 interactivity. Organisations need to adopt flexible strategies.

3. The democratisation of media is leading to a key trend of more ‘collaborative community’ activities online, says Sarah Hartley, The Guardian’s digital editor and media blogger.  Sarah, who is leading the ‘beatblogging’ Guardian Local project, has recruited a new breed of online journalists – community oriented bloggers. They may well be using the new Help Me Investigate platform to get to the heart of the matter.

4. ‘Blogging is the backbone’ of the social media strategy, says Marvin Belle, new media guru who runs the successful Director’s Notes blog. At the Making the Most of Social Media workshop Marvin lead for the Creative Industries Development Agency in London recently, he talked about the importance of putting a ‘human face’ on your online ‘skeleton’. Thank people who comment. Reply to questions promptly. It’s all about connecting.

5. Groundswell, social media bible written by Forrester Research,  says ‘relationships are everything’ and it’s important to understand all the new media tools are simply new ways to connect and communicate with our clients.

And from my own experience, social media is critical, but will only be successful if it is integrated – into the organisations’ strategies, from top to bottom, into training plans. If you want the customer service X Factor, you need a supported social media presence.

3 Responses to "Five top social media philosophies"

High five. Thanks for the heads up virtual editors.

How clever to use your post to show us interactivity: we have to insert the #5 before Groundswell!

Go on stop teasing. Where is #5?

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