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Are Facebook and Twitter the future of news online?

Posted on: 28/10/2009

According to Econsultancy‘s blogger Ben Lamonthe, Facebook, and possibly Twitter, could be the online news publishers of the future. And, we all know with new media, the future always arrives faster than we expect. So what next?

In his blog, Why Facebook could be the next big news publisher, Ben refers to the fact they are a private company making millions from advertising online in a recession, in stark contrast to mainstream media, as the reason he believes the cream will rise to the top.

And, they have the ‘next generation’ of clients – youth – already buying in – something mainstream media have not achieved: and, in some cases, not been concerned with.

Tomorrow I am attending the Digital Editors Network meeting at UCLAN, where the topic is  Pay Walls and Partnerships. Key speakers include Nick Turner, CN groups head of digital content development (; Sarah Hartley, digital editor, The Guardian ; and a panel featuring leaders from Microsoft, Wall Street Journal, Schibsted, World Association of Newspapers.

As the print and new media worlds collide, let’s hope a shining star emerges, for the benefit of news producers and readers alike!

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