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Guardian gag order turns up the Twitter volume

Posted on: 13/10/2009

Have organisations not been listening? Social media is a powerful tool. Messages are short and sharp. Tweets are light and travel well. The reports of millions of users are not numbers to take lightly. This week’s gag on The Guardian – prohibiting them from reporting on a company called Trafigura, reports of toxic waste dumping, and the company’s law firm  Carter-Ruck had Twitters turning up the volume. If you hadn’t heard about them before today, all it took was a couple of little #tags in Twitter to make them global and viral.

So the public made public what the policy makers tried to keep private. And, so the Tweeting could be heard above the whispers.  And, the Tweeters told two (thousand?) friends, and they told… Well, you get my message. So where does that leave the Tweeters and the Tweeted abouts?

Econsultancy gives a very good perspective in their ‘Social Media turns toxic avenger for The Guradian (#trafigura)’ article. So now that we know what we were not supposed to, what do those we know about it?

Any company could be on the receiving end of ‘exposure’ on any social media site – from a small business to a global enterprise. It is the new world of PR –  Social Media Relations (SMR). You might want to check out Znetlady’s blog on social media relations top five principles. Or, Econsultancy’s insights on handling ‘feedback’.

I am not sure Ryanair’s online rebuttal to BBC’s Panorama pandemonium is the best way. Bbut it’s head on: 1.1 million free flights – 100,000 for each of their 11 rebuttal points made on their website –  link from @Samshepherd on Twitter.

There are always two sides to every story – well, there used to be.  Now with social media sites – it’s more like a multi-dimensional, 3D view of life. And, aren’t we lucky to live in the age of Twitter where we can see through the news!


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