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It’s a Ning thing

Posted on: 18/09/2009

Yesterday I spoke to the Ulverston Business Alliance, my second of three presentations on new and social media opportunities for business. The group’s acceptance of, adaptation to and questions about Ning the B2B ‘social media’ platform showed great strides in only two months. But, I shouldn’t be surprised – the success of social media sites make them a natural partner for business success.

Chairman Paul Jarvis, Major Promotions, without any prior knowledge of Ning, embraced its ability to let members get, keep and develop new connections. Once you’re in Ning you can have a profile, a blog, join forums, special interest groups. But, most importantly this member driven, public platform, helps businesses refer each other’s services and fills the gap between meetings for getting to know members and their businesses and services.

Paul’s interview on the Mike Parr show on BBC Radio Cumbria can be listened to on BBC iPlayer until (Wed 23 Sept). Paul jokingly referred to us ‘Ninging along’. But, that’s really what’s happening. Interested business owners are taking a look, signing up, getting a feel for it – and linking up with others. That’s what ‘Nining’ is all about.

We were inspired to follow in the successful Ning steps of Landscape Juice, and given guidance by blogging guru Craig McGinty, They started before us, are still going strong, and members are getting very good referrals. The proof is in the pudding!

If you belong to a group that needs an interactive website (free) or you want to start an online community with a common thread – give Ning a chance.


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