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It’s a social media jungle out there

Posted on: 01/09/2009

Everyone is talking about social media, and everyone wants to join the adventure. And many of these enthusiasts want it to be quick, simple, give instant results and improve their organisation or business. Well, like anything – you get out of it what you put into it.

Social media can be a jungle! Take a map.

Social media can be a jungle! Take a map.

The magic of social media is the superb opportunitites they offer to communicate with your audience, the variety of ways you can share the information, and the fact that most of them are offered online for free. But, free doesn’t mean you reap all their benefits without investing time, human resources, and in some cased equipment costs (a video camera, mobile phone, training). People – and this is the key word – who are successful at blogging, Twitter, Facebook pages – invest their time and energy to make these platforms work for them! You don’t get something for nothing.

So, make your social media commitments thoughtfully, with resources and ROI in mind. And remember, it’s a jungle out there – so think carefully about where you are heading! Create a road map. And consider consulting a guide. More on strategy in the next blog.


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