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Always ask ‘Who are you?’

Posted on: 20/08/2009

A meeting with a client yesterday was extremely satisfying because when I asked ‘Who is your target market for your website?’, they knew the answer.

If you are having trouble planning or evaluating a project, it could easily be you have not clarified ‘who’ you want to communicate with, sell to or involve.

‘Who’ is defined by a number of important qualifiers. Keep asking questions to get the right answer.

Geography. Age. Social and economic demographics. Interests. Behaviours. Relationship (with you). Education. Language. Culture. Habbits.  This is a starting point in drawing a picture of who you are trying to reach with your service or product. No matter how small or large the initiative – a news release or a new building – ask.

Then you want to ask: What do I want to do for this client? and What do I want this client to do for me?

Remember: It is never too late to clarify ‘Who? It will always lead you to answers.

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