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Can Alan Sugar sweeten the entrepreneurial pot?

Posted on: 20/07/2009

Can Sir Alan Sugar in his new role as Government Enterprise guru really get entrepreneur and SME issues on the table?

With millions of workers facing the ‘you’re fired’ – or redundant, or on extended leave, or in a pay freeze – situation, the entrepreneurial route may be the only option.

Standing above the crowd

Standing above the crowd

Here’s my Sir Alan wish list:

1. make the tax system for SMEs simpler and fairer.
2. get the banks lending to SMEs again.
3. or create a gov’t backed SME bank to cover income blackouts.
4. give incentives to unemployed to start a business.
5. set up community cooperatives funding to help the really small businesses.
6. encourage established businesses to let staff work flexibile hours.
7. create a representative for SMEs in government.
8. run a national ‘entrepreneur apprenticeship’.
9. create a fund for service sector SME mentors.
10. get government ministers and staff out into SMEs for some photo ops.

Success is sweet. And our economy is becoming more and more entrepreneurial. Can we mix in the right government ingredients to bake up an award winning result?

Let’s hope Sir Alan can have a great influence and isn’t at the receiving end of his famous ‘You’re Fired’ phrase for not getting the new job done.


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