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Posted on: 15/07/2009

Ask and you shall receive – go online and and ask you shall be followed. The power of the Internet voice could be heard shouting above the political rooftops from initiatives started by the famous and the person on the ‘Tweet’  like never before.

Vivienne Westwood is making global warming protesting fashionable – and I’m all for it. Whatever works. We need to make changes work. She invited herself onto Jonathan Ross (BBC) for a soapbox. Missed it,find out more (great links to other eco warriors)  or follow her eco works online.

You can sign up at Prince Charles Rainforest Project website, a protest gathering momentum with online signatures to put rainforest annihilation at the top of the politi-eco agenda. As you sign up, you can see how many square metres of rainforest are being destroyed in real time. Very scary.

But it was the person on the street who lead the massive protest against the 118 800 mobile phone directory company, putting privacy before public access and profits. The wave of people requesting to have their private mobile phone number removed from the directory swamped the site and Connectivity (the company behind it) got disconnected.

And the recent Iran new media protests – ‘Tear Gas and Twitter’ –  took the world by storm.  Power to the people.

But you don’t have to be famous, from a royal family, or a professional protester to launch a global movement. You simply need an internet connection, a cause and a social media platform – blog, face book, Twitter – and you can have an impact.

If you want to begin a campaign, here are some sites with insights:

 Online Protest – Does it work?

Questions to ask before starting a social media campaign

How to Start a Social Media Campaign (for business)

How to measure campaign success

Thanks fellow bloggers.

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