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Community businesses ‘work’

Posted on: 12/07/2009

We went to the Greyhound Inn last night to hear some bands. Local music. Local food. Local pub. But, with one big plus – after closure was threatened the ‘community’ took over the pub. And, it is living proof that the true sense of community is alive and well.

They run with a combination of paid staff and volunteers. Everyone was super friendly – and this isn’t unusual – it just seemed they were so genuinely  happy to see us.

The local musical talent was bursting out – and lucky for us most of the Broughton in Furness area pubs feature musicians from the area. So the ‘Greyfest’ is now on the official music calendar!

Another community thing they do is have a ‘thank local suppliers’ wall with a sheet highlighting all local suppliers of goods and services – and this is repeated on their menu cards!

Many businesses could learn from this model. Why not drop in and see it with your own eyes.


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