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A question of justice

Posted on: 16/05/2009

Finally, after nearly 10 days, and no doubt millions of words, about MPs’ misuse of public funds when claiming expenses, the questions of justice has arisen.
When the issue first came to light in The Telegraph, a mention was given about the ‘source’ of this information being investigated by the police (not the MPs however.)
In a recent article a legal expert explained this person could be charged under several acts including the Official Secrets and Data Protection. However, there doesn’t seem to be a law broken by the MPs in question.
Will it get down to a question of is ‘feeling like you’ve been robbed’ worthy of a charge of ‘theft’ against the perpetrators?
Now another newspaper, The Mail, no doubt soon to be joined by sister publications, has launched a fund to finance private prosecutions against politicians.

May justice be strong and swift – and served in the right direction.


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